Official Beer Glove, Samurai

It’s hard to tell which of these samurai costumes is more impressive. For me, they both rate off the charts for badassness. And I wouldn’t mind wearing either suit of armor to my next fight-to-the-death just because my opponent would likely flee in fear or become incapacitated by laughter.


I’d say it’s pretty easy to figure out which would make for a better drinking buddy, but which one makes for a better character? The Beer Samurai took a whole team of beer drinkers to complete (or at least to make the materials ready), most likely slowing the costume making time in the process and increasing the fun factor. And when all was said and done, I have to imagine that team had a wicked hangover from all that Mil Best. I would think this would make them very angry and ready for battle. However, I don’t think a drunk Samurai would be very good with a sword, which is why he could easily be the centerpiece for at least one movie. This movie would ultimately be a tragedy, because most likely, our hero would die in the end… possibly by a self-inflicted wound or a car crash.


The Storm Trooper Samurai is complete from head-to-toe. If you could cross the passion and understanding of The Last Samurai with the obedience and born-for-battle nature of the Storm Trooper, you’d have yourself the basis for one hell of a mass-up movie. I’m hoping George Lucas will begin writing this shortly. So, until I see a comic where a team of Storm Trooper Samurai set forth across the galaxy to avenge the death of their father, Jango Fett, I’m going to have to side with Beer Samurai as being a more entertaining central character.

But when that comic does come out, I will have to edit this entry… and request intellectual property royalties.

If Beer Samurai was facing off against Storm Trooper Samurai in a battle to the death, I hate to say it, but I don’t think Beer Samurai would last very long. Aside from being drunk or hungover, Beer Samurai’s armor is made of cardboard. And we all know, cardboard is no match for the protective properties of Imperial Blaster Armor. In this scenario, Storm Trooper Samurai is hands down the winner.

I will begin writing this short comic strip immediately. When I’m finished, I’ll need an illustrator. Then I’ll need a publisher and a toy manufacturer. It’s time for the Official Beer Glove crew to branch. Anyone interested?

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