Beer Soap, Official Beer Glove approved

Yes, beer smells fantastic. And I’m sure we’ve all imagined the wonder of swimming in a pool of beer. But until I ran across Beer Soap (website), the idea of cleaning myself with beer never crossed my mind … except, of course, pouring a little beer on scratches inflicted while chasing an errant washer into the bushes – St. Louis, you know what I’m talking about.


The best part is that they really have a Beer Soap flavor for just about every kind of beer drinker. So, if you’re a PBR guy, they’ve got a soap for you. Or maybe a fruity microbrew is more your style? They’ve got a soap for you too. It might be a bit pricey by soap standards, ringing in around $7/bar. But I’d say it’s definitely worth it for that beer drinker in your life. Hell, throw in a pair of Official Beer Gloves, and you’ve got yourself a lathering shower loofa that you wear on your hand. We might have to co-pack these beer brothers for the holidays?


The real benefit of this foaming shower friend is that it’s the perfect cover for when you’re caught sloshed with no real excuse:

Wife (or over-bearing girlfriend): “Where have you been?!! We were supposed to be at my parent’s house for dinner three hours ago. I know it doesn’t take 9 hours to play a round of golf! You reek!!! Are you completely wasted?”

You: “No way, Babbie. I’m nod runk. I was upstairsh tage’n a shower in that seer boap you got me. I’ll be ready to go to yours paren house after I take a quick nap.”
Instant forgiveness!


Oh, and that reminds me – I need to put cup holders in the shower. That sweet smell of barley and hops always makes me thirsty…


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