pregnant beer mom, official beer glove

Ladies, I feel for you. Being pregnant, abstaining from beer and wine, growing a baby inside of you… it doesn’t look easy.


And even though this image is promoting a non-acoholic brewski, it does look strange to me. Last week at a pool party, I had my prego-wife hold my beer while I ran to the bathroom. She said it was a strange feeling for her, holding the beer being pregnant, catching glances from others there, silently being judged. She felt like she had to explain, “I’m just holding it” to those around her.


Of course, I just laughed and said, “if you want a beer, have one.” Lucky for me (and my future baby-to-be), she’s doing this pregnancy thing “by the book.” Everything in moderation; that’s my stance. One taste, one beer, one glass of wine… or whatever, it can’t be that bad. Women have been drinking, smoking, doing crack (well, I’ve read about it anyway) and their babies have been adding to our population since the invention of alcohol, tobacco and crack.


I’m not advocating or denouncing a woman’s choice one way or the other. Who am I to say you can’t have a taste of the golden nectar we call beer? This is America. Worse decisions have been made in the past, and I think we’re just fine.


So, cheers to the ladies out there growing the next generation inside their bellies. Whether or not you imbibe, you deserve our appreciation and thanks. Salud!

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