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Look Great. Drink Beer.

The weather is getting cold outside, which means only one thing: everyday is gameday.

So, put on your finest rah-rah fashions, fire up the grill, play your favorite college fight song and crack open a frosty cold one. Did I forget to mention that you should always protect your drinking hand? Of course I didn’t. It’s a given. Your digits are important to your ongoing ability to enjoy the craft you love. Keep your hands warm, while your beer stays cold. You’ll look great.



Official Beer Glove, Samurai

Beer Samurai vs. Storm Trooper Samurai

It’s hard to tell which of these samurai costumes is more impressive. For me, they both rate off the charts for badassness. And I wouldn’t mind wearing either suit of armor to my next fight-to-the-death just because my opponent would likely flee in fear or become incapacitated by laughter.


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